Classic XL

All PRIDE Condoms are triple lubricated, 100% electronically tested, and approved to U.S. and international standards.

Classic XL

Need some extra girth room? Prioritizing comfort and protection, our Classic XL condoms are specially designed to accommodate erections over seven inches. Enhanced with our signature triple lubrication.


Produced sustainably and sold in recyclable packaging, our 100% natural latex condoms are made free of harmful chemicals, do not contain spermicide and are fragrance-free. Each of our condoms come pre-lubed with our signature triple-lubricated formula— offering stretch and elasticity with fit and durability.

Thickness: 56mm
Sustainably Made Natural Latex, Premium Silicone Lubricant
Shape: Classic XL with resevoir tip

- Triple lubricated
- Colorless & flavorless
- Clean scent

Exceeds International Quality Standards
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Premium Silicone Triple Lubricated
No Harmful Chemicals
Locally Farmed Natural Latex
Ultra Resistant
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