More. About. Us.

PRIDE Condoms are pushing today’s dominant industry standards into new levels of innovation and inclusivity. Blending scientific elements of sexual safety with emphasized messages of personal health and emotional wellbeing, PRIDE Condoms are expertly designed to support and enhance gender diverse experiences.

Protecting love in all its forms is our purpose.

We support the LGBTQ_IA community and all aspects of the equal rights movement.


Sex is sensational.
But it’s also confusing and complex.

Our message starts with sex and ends with love—supportive love and self-love. There are things everyone can do to help protect their sexual health—and it's worth protecting. Taking PRIDE in your protection is taking PRIDE in yourself.

Sex Assured.

Our condoms are inspired by and designed for gender diverse experiences.

Rainbow Lovemaking.

We celebrate sexuality and promote sexual health and emotional wellness.

Talk is Hot.

We think sex is a never-evolving conversation.

Erections up.
Oppression down.

When it comes to important issues regarding sexuality, identity and inclusivity, we believe in positive communication, healthy discussion and ongoing education—challenging dominant cultural norms and raising awareness.

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