We are proudly supporting InterPride with a $100,000 donation to their Solidarity Fund. READ MORE BELOW.

Protection. Pleasure. Purpose.

Celebrating gender diversity, we create condoms inspired by and designed for everyone — inclusive of all body types, ages, preferences and personalities.


Sex? Yes please.

Our triple-lubricated condoms get to sex faster. We use natural top-quality silicone that’s silky, comfortable and long-lasting — and considered hypoallergenic for most.


Our signature triple-lubricated formula.
Lubrication is one of the most important qualities when choosing the right condom, that's why all PRIDE Condoms feature our signature triple-lubricated formula.


Top-grade locally farmed latex.
PRIDE condoms are made from 100% naturally-farmed latex — free of harsh
chemicals like parabens, glycerin, spermicide and petrochemicals.


Sex assured.
PRIDE Condoms are 100% electronically tested and proven to comply with US and
international standards.

For him. For her. For them.

We get real about sexuality while encouraging healthy and positive sexual experiences.

Join the PRIDE Condom community.
Support an ever-evolving conversation around sexual confidence, sex-health awareness & equal rights.

As part of our dedicated efforts to support the EQUALITY movement, we have donated $100 000 to InterPride's Solidarity Fund. An organization aimed to create change and promote a better understanding of LGBTQ_IA communities, InterPride focuses on places where public activism and awareness are strongly turmoiled in challenges and hostility — shifting geo-specific perspectives to make a large impact on society’s prevailing views.

Yup. We’ve got skin in the game.
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